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April 09, 2008


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John Dyer

I thing we are like a cell inside a body trying to understand and comprehend the whole with the imagery of what we understand from our little corner of the body. The instruments and techniques by which we measure, define, explain, and embody our "knowledge" actually measure, define, explain and embody the inherent limitations of our knowledge. "Mind," "Universe," "multiverse," "Parallel Universe," "god," "mortality," are words derived from those limitations. Whether it is the "Gaia Hypotheis" of biology (The planet is the largest single organism and has a mind) or the "Multiverse" of infinite universes in which infinite varieties of "us" engage in infinite variations on "our" life, science and mysticism have merged and reflect probably the most accurate statement of where we are in relation to all this- there is something "out there" and "around" or "in" and we are just beginning to feel our way toward it. I would not give up on a mind that transcends the physical limits as we have been able to measure and discover them to date. The history of biology is filled with misapprehensions created by the limits of the then instruments and the homocentricity of the inquiry.

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